Update to Lilypond 2.19.55

WebLily.net now runs Lilypond 2.19.55.   This version fixes several issues with overlapping notation symbols that were introduced since the last stable version. In the future I will only update to the next stable version. Hope, that the next stable version 2.20.0 will be out soon.
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Now running Lilypond 2.19.40 with MIDI.js playback

After quite some time I've found time and energy to give Weblily.net an update. The new features are Now running Lilypond 2.19.40 I've changed my setup, so that updates to Weblily.net with new upcoming versions of Lilypond will take less effort than before. So I hope to be able to follow major updates in the future more closely. All those that asked for it: You have been listened...
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Share your LilyPond scores on Facebook

Click on the editor's Facebook button to share your LilyPond scores with your friends on Facebook. The Facebook message will contain a permalink to your score , so that your friends look at your music. There is a link on the score that will open WebLily's editor so that your friend may look at the LilyPond source and work and play with it.   Share the fun you have...
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Create fine sheet music anywhere. Run LilyPond in your browser

Only recently (why so late?) did I come to know LilyPond , the fantastic music engraving software. Being impressed by its simplicity and its beautyful results and at times overwhelmed by the wealth of its functions and options I came up with the idea of making it available on the web. This is an experimental project. I am exploring the realm of web programming using Google's Web...
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Welcome to WebLily.net

Here you are ...
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