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After serveral years of running LilyPond on the web as an experiment we have finally closed this service. Our server did not find a sponsor and there are excellent alternatives available.


A water lily on front of a music score

For those who want an easy and comforable online editor running in any browser and on any device we recommend


The scorio scorewriter combines the ease of an interactive scorewriter with the beauty and perfection of LilyPond's engraving engine. Go to scorio on the web or Get scorio for mobile devices


For those who want to program their scores from scratch with LilyPond we recommend to install


Linux, MacOS and Microsoft Windows users may install the FrescobalidLilyPond-Editor along with LilyPond. Download Frescobaldi and Download LilyPond

Keep on with writing wonderful music engraved on beautiful music sheets.

Musical Greetings,


Useful Ressources Useful Ressources

There are many good places on the web with information about LilyPond. Some are for beginners, others for power users. Check it out, join the community.

Disclaimer: This is an experimental service full of bugs, badly tested and probably unreliable.Check the WebLily.net Blog to share your pains or make a suggestion to Weblily.

News News


Update to Lilypond 2.19.55

WebLily.net now runs Lilypond 2.19.55.


This version fixes several issues with overlapping notation symbols that were introduced since the last stable version. In the future I will only update to the next stable version. Hope, that the next stable version 2.20.0 will be out soon.

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Johannes Feulner
I noticed still an overlap between \time and first chord
Posted on 6/9/17 1:23 PM.
Johannes Feulner
I got a VirusScan Alert at WebLily "coinhive.min.js" names JS/Miner.c
InternetExplorer 11
Please check this.
br Wolfgang
Posted on 1/31/18 8:09 PM.
Johannes Feulner
I want to make a poposal.
Please use/set a better reading color for the left code entry area and set the width to 40% or so. The user thanks will overwhelm you. ;-)
Posted on 2/28/18 5:43 PM.
Johannes Feulner
Is there any support for the LilyJazz fonts and markup?
Are there any plans to use cloud storage (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc) with WebLily?
Posted on 6/13/19 5:17 PM.
Johannes Feulner
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