Create fine sheet music anywhere. Run LilyPond in your browser

Only recently (why so late?) did I come to know LilyPond, the fantastic music engraving software. Being impressed by its simplicity and its beautyful results and at times overwhelmed by the wealth of its functions and options I came up with the idea of making it available on the web.

This is an experimental project. I am exploring the realm of web programming using
Google's Web Toolkit (GWT). The output is true HTML so hopefully it will run on any browser. Since I am not an experienced programmer doing this just as a hobby you might know what you'll have to expect.

Maybe people who are new to LilyPond and just want to play around with it will find this to be a useful tool, since they do not have to download and to install the software on their machines.

Currently,  works quite well for small and medium size examples.

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