Update to Lilypond 2.19.55

WebLily.net now runs Lilypond 2.19.55.


This version fixes several issues with overlapping notation symbols that were introduced since the last stable version. In the future I will only update to the next stable version. Hope, that the next stable version 2.20.0 will be out soon.

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I noticed still an overlap between \time and first chord
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Kirjoitettu 9.6.2017 11:23.
I got a VirusScan Alert at WebLily "coinhive.min.js" names JS/Miner.c
InternetExplorer 11
Please check this.
br Wolfgang
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Kirjoitettu 31.1.2018 19:09.
I want to make a poposal.
Please use/set a better reading color for the left code entry area and set the width to 40% or so. The user thanks will overwhelm you. ;-)
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Kirjoitettu 28.2.2018 16:43.
Is there any support for the LilyJazz fonts and markup?
Are there any plans to use cloud storage (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc) with WebLily?
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Kirjoitettu 13.6.2019 15:17.