We are closed

After serveral years of running LilyPond on the web as an experiment we have finally closed this service. Our server did not find a sponsor and there are excellent alternatives available. Thanks to all who used our service and shared hints and insights with us. Keep on with writing wonderful music engraved on beautiful music sheets. Musical Greetings, Weblily
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Update to Lilypond 2.19.83

WebLily.net now runs Lilypond 2.19.83.  I decided to update once more to an unstable version since 2.20 (the next stable version) is not out yet.
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Now using vector graphics (SVG)

As of today Lilypond scores are rendered with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Gives nicer and sharper rendering of scores. No more pixel graphics.
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Update to Lilypond 2.19.55

WebLily.net now runs Lilypond 2.19.55.   This version fixes several issues with overlapping notation symbols that were introduced since the last stable version. In the future I will only update to the next stable version. Hope, that the next stable version 2.20.0 will be out soon.
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Now running Lilypond 2.19.40 with MIDI.js playback

After quite some time I've found time and energy to give Weblily.net an update. The new features are Now running Lilypond 2.19.40 I've changed my setup, so that updates to Weblily.net with new upcoming versions of Lilypond will take less effort than before. So I hope to be able to follow major updates in the future more closely. All those that asked for it: You have been listened...
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