Now running Lilypond 2.19.40 with MIDI.js playback

After quite some time I've found time and energy to give an update.

The new features are

  • Now running Lilypond 2.19.40
    I've changed my setup, so that updates to with new upcoming versions of Lilypond will take less effort than before. So I hope to be able to follow major updates in the future more closely. All those that asked for it: You have been listened to.
  • Improved Stability via scorio's Lilypond engine
    Weblily usees the Lilypond engine of The scorio engine runs Lilypond considerably faster and is much more stable. So hopefully you will not see "Server Overloaded" messages ever again. However, be prepared to see other messages for what reaseon so ever. I keep working.
  • Audio plaback for all Browsers via MIDI.js
    The playback option is now working again with all(?) current browsers. I integrated the Javascript library  MIDI.js that takes advantage of sound synthesis capabilities built into modern browsers. So no plugins or add-ons are needed anymore.

Keep enjoying Lilypond on the web with to all who gave their feedback and supported my efforts.



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